5th Anniversary Celebration

On Tuesday 21st June, 2022 we will be entering our 5 year as a pop-up auction house.

On 20th June 2017 we started doing what we do best creating a genuine atmosphere where you can trade via a table top or auction.

As our slogan re-iterates Millwoods is a place ”…where smart people do business….”! We don’t tell stories about we just do deals.

So come along and check out our celebrity line of items including Harry Potter, Dr Who and of course James Bond.

There will be some cracking items and loads without any reserve so you may spot a genuine item that no one knows about and you get it for a song.

Plus you have a chance to win a copy of a NFT construct for ‘The English Rogue’ for just being there.

Vendors can bring their items from 2pm, public viewing and stalls from from 5pm and auction start at 7pm.

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