Ladies Day At Millwoods Auction

Millwoods is having another themed auction night, as well as day because we will be having our own Ladies Day at Millwoods Thursday Auction!

This is our re-launch night for stoppages due to lost of family and friends, TV appearances and other such situations.

So come along check out the latest interesting items for sale and have a go on The Funky Roulette for a chance to get a free mid-20th Century collectable or even a bottle of Champagne – which the management will allow you drink it on premises, if you so desire.

There will also be prizes for the best vintage hats and vintage fashion which we all know is the rage nowadays with the retro-vibe now carrying the swing! So all you traders and fashionistas out there who will not be going to Royal Ascot on Ladies Day come and have a good time checking out whats about, having some fun, play some games while watching the horse racing on TV and do some business at the same time.

Put this in your diary Thursday 16th June, 2022, Millwoods Thursday Auction, The New Irish Centre, 205 Wheelers Lane, Kings Heath, B13 0ST for something completely different an auction and trading all day Ladies Day with different things going on at any one time!

Keep checking back for details. 

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