Johnny Carroll

The Opening Night At Millwoods

On 20th June, 2017 Johnny Carroll launched Millwoods Auction at The West Midlands Transport Stadium with his usual panache and style. 

Johnny Carroll sadly is now resting in peace, the venue has changed ownership and the world is now a very different place due to a weird combination of viral pandemic, a global mental crisis, A.I becoming sentient and a prospect of nuclear war!

If we can do one thing and one thing only in these crazy times, it is to bring people together and for at least a few wee hours in the week do something we all love to do and that is trade items, have a chat with friends, put the world to rights and go home having played bingo, the football card and winning a prize that could be worth anything.

Here is Johnny Carroll doing what he does best – having fun and not taking himself too seriously. 

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